More content! Items, weapons and buffs teaser!

We have finished a huge amount of items, weapons & shields and buffs. Everything has been implemented into the game and works great.

All in all the progress is great, expect more news in the next days / weeks on the environment, enemies and more.

Also, we have a precise release date!

The game will be released on 30th November! 

Here are some teasers of the items which are in game:

Passive buffs. A certain amount of these buffs is already unlocked. Buffs can be stacked to make the buff more effective.

Companions. Companions will assist the player with a special ability which will be used by the companion automatically.

Melee weapons. All melee weapons have an ability which triggers their overheat.

Ranged weapons.


Use items. A player can have one use item. The player have to activate the effect of the use item.

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