Multiplayer Update and Boss Fight

Update 24.07.2017:

Today is a big update. We added drop-in multiplayer:

 You can join a random lobby and start playing with someone or create an own private lobby. If you try to join a random lobby and there is no free lobby available you will automaticaly create a mutliplayer lobby which can be joined by others. If you dont like multiplayer, you still can play singleplayer. You can make the choice in the lobby room which we also added with this update. Voice chat should also work. Currently you can mute your mic on the 2d screen after the game started. You can also create a private lobby atm. only on the 2d screen. 

While you are in a multiplayer run you have shared loot and gold with all party members. The enemies are also stronger for each additional player. Random lobbys can have max. 4 players.  A private lobby has no limit. If you die in a multiplayer run and someone is still alive, you will become a ghost. You still can move and talk to your party members but you cant trigger traps or make any damage, also all enemies will ignore you. In future it is planed to revive all dead players if the stage boss is defeated.

Especially here feedback is needed, so if you notice some issues on multiplayer or servers, let us know. As always any feedback is welcome.

v0.5a *Drop-in Multiplayer with up to 4 players, private lobbies with no limit (currently some lobby controls are on 2d screen only) *Added first boss *Improved waypoints *Hands are currently blue spheres (only those trigger chests, buttons, etc.) *You can now drop weapons (hold the menu button for a few seconds) *Lobbyroom (you can choose between multiplayer or singleplayer)

Multiplayer: -Voice chat -Enemies scale with player count -Turn into ghost on death -Shared drops and gold

Free demo:


As always any feedback is welcome. If someone wants to share it on youtube, social media etc. feel free to do it, but mention that the game is in development!

Have fun!


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Jul 24, 2017

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