Difficulties, Combat System, Bug Fixes and More

We have been listening to you all and a few things needed to be changed. So here are the changes:

We improved the melee combat system, the melee weapon now has more range and deals more damage. The scaling for swinging and wiggle have been improved as well. Wiggle has now a small cooldown. Both playstyles are now strong enough to finish the enemies and bosses. The boss loses now health if his summoned enemies are damaged.

We also added region select for multiplayer. There was an issue that people could not find each other, they were on their best region. Now if you want to play with a friend:

Make sure you both select the same region and have the same game name.

We added difficulty settings for single player. Difficulties can now be found on the terminal for single player.

There is now a new interface for menu, locomotion etc.

We also fixed a multiplayer issue, where people would crash while looping into the second area.


  • Player is now invurnable for a short time after getting hit
  • Damage to summoned enemies now also deals damage to the summoner (relevant for boss fights)
  • Increased range of melee weapons
  • Improved AI to not let enemies walk into you
  • Increased melee base damage and damage scaling when swinging
  • Improved player hitbox to allow easier blocking with shield
  • Adjusted enemy health scaling
  • Singleplayer: Game difficulty selection
  • Multiplayer: Possible to select region for private lobby (all wanting to join need to set the same region)
  • Multiplayer: Made gameplay more stable (no more crashes on area switch)

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Happy holidays to all!

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